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What is aging in place?

While it may be hard to accept, many adults will require some form of care and assistance once they cross over 55+ years of age. All the tasks you used to do yourself can start to feel stressful since the body can no longer handle the stress.

So getting around and taking care of yourself can no longer be as simple and easy as it used to be. Also, things become difficult for aging adults whose children are living abroad or away from them, if they don’t have anyone near to look after themselves.

Sometimes for some children, a busy schedule and commitment to other activities prevent them from properly taking care of their older parents.

Retirement communities address these issues facing senior citizens. However, older adults do not want to move into a their home for very valid reasons.

They feel intensely connected to the place they’ve been used to living, they enjoy a close network of family and friends. Simply put, they want to stay in the comfort of their homes as they get older, rather than moving to a retirement home. Staying in your own home as you age is known as aging in place.

Home care services can help you age in place. These services include housekeeping, personal care, health care, transportation, home modifications etc. For example, in personal care, a trained aide can help an aging adult who is unable to perform tasks like washing hair, dressing, bathing etc.

Some home care services can also help you with laundry, gardening, house cleaning, grocery shopping etc. If cooking has become uneasy, trained home care services can also provide meal preparation and delivery.

There are many other services Home Care Professionals can provide to make the lives of aging adults simple and uncomplicated. Basically, the aim is to help them live an active, healthy life and assist them whenever needed.

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