Our priority is to help you maintain your independence as you age. 

Need Geriatric services at your doorsteps in Mysore?

Share your details, our representative along with the doctor will reach your home to know more about you

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our geriatrician

  • Examine your medical history to determine what previous illnesses or conditions may be affecting your current health

  • Analyze what you need to increase the abilities to live independently and perform daily living activities actively.

  • Alerts you if multiple medications are causing long term symptoms

  • Suggest you the necessary diet & engagement activities that you can engage in on daily bases

  • Recommend changes to the current living conditions to ensure a safe environment

  • Assist the family members in managing the challenges of the elderly needs by suggesting a caregiving service from Cuddle.

I'm like a pediatrician to manage the physical, behavioral, and mental care for your elderly parents aged above 50