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Home-Care Services for Seniors in MySURU

Life brings all of us to a stage when we can do things only with help. At this point, we feel assured when there are friendly hands and a compassionate heart to hold us and care for us.

Welcome "Cuddle" to your home and enjoy a range of doorstep services that allow you to celebrate your later years in your own home, in style and, importantly, without losing your independence.



Our friendly 24x7 at-home elder care and support services, are aimed at assisting you with basic errands, medical-related needs, and just about anything. Cuddle’s compassionate and trained personnel will attend to your needs to ensure that the smile on your face never fades.

It is our privilege to be your companion for life, giving you the motherly care you crave.

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A Cuddler forms the core of everything we do.

Cuddler is an executive caregiver, who will be your one-point contact for all services. He or she will be a skilled personal manager who will support you with kindness and confidence, making your life much simpler and more convenient.

To put it simply, they are there to simplify the lives of our senior members. Whether it be by assisting with technology, or scheduling doctor's appointments, they will be there at every step of the process.


Our cuddler hold your hands,
until your heart holds us

We are a group of Hospitality & Medical professionals teamed up to provide holistic home care services for senior citizens in Mysore. Our compassionate and empathetic cuddlers are here to help seniors with their personal and house chores needs. Let us help you.



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